OvoPacker P40 / Px40 – Egg Farmpacker

The new generation egg packer named Ovopacker P40 / OvoPacker Px40 is designed by BG Makina. The net capacity is 40.000 eggs per hour. It is capable of packing eggs into different trays (20 eggs up to 30 eggs) and cartons (different boxes like 6, 10, 12, 15 eggs).

It has colored LCD touchscreen to make the usage of the machine easier for the operator with the help of audio visual warnings  and animations. This property ensures that operators will not have problem in running the machine although they are not well trained or properly experienced.

Plug & Play mechanisms are specially designed for the users to attach and deattached quickly and  easily without requiring any tool.

As a result of continuous R&D activities, every new model is introduced to our esteemed customers with

  • Less problem possibility,

  • More easy to use,

  • More easy to operate and maintain,

  • More simple but more functional

OvoPacker P40

OvoPacker Px40

Technical Specifications

    • 40.000 eggs per hour egg packing capacity

    • Compatible for different egg trays (10 , 12 , 15 , 30 eggs trays)

    • Easy usage with colour LCD touchscreen

    • Self adaptation according to the situtation with smart software

    • Easy and fast cleaning and maintanence with Plug&Play property

    • Gentle egg handling in the high speed packing

    • High quality and long life parts

    • All metal parts are stainless steel

    • All plastic parts are FDA approved

    • Silent working with low energy consumption

    • Properties approved from TUBITAK

    1- Easy maintanence and cleaning with plug&play modular design

    2- Envoroment friently with low energy consumption

    3- Low wastage rate with gentle egg handling ability

Plug & Play Egg escalator

Plug & Play Egg rollers conveyor

Plug & Play Egg Accumulator conveyor


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