Ovojet 750 & 1000 pro Inkjet Egg Printers

Ovojet Series of egg printers is based on German printing technology which uses HP26A cartridges in order to print any message on the eggs with food grade ink.

Ovojet 750 has a capacity of 65.000 eggs per hour where Ovojet 1000 pro serves a capacity of 90.000 eggs per hour. And the length of the conveyor belt is also changes between these models.

Specifications :

– Inkjet technology with HP26A cartridge

– Prints without contact of eggs

– Includes keypad to control all functions

– LCD display with 4 lines

– Built-in egg counter

– Maintanence free design

– 5 or 6 heads options for the printer

– One cartridge prints up to 300.000 eggs

– One or two line printing on the egg

– No requires computer connection or flash cards

Main CPU of the Ovojet Printer

A view of printed text on the white egg


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