OvoSelect D101 – 10.000 e/h – Compact Electronic Egg Grader

The Ovoselet D101 egg grader, based on proven electronic weighing system, is a perfect solution for the small scaled egg laying farms who wish to grade their eggs by themselves. Ovoselect D101 is constructed in stainless steel and has variation in layout for the perfect fit in most situations.

Ovoselect D101 differantiates itself by;

  • Compact Modular Design

    Simplicity in usage

    Good capacity / operator ratio

    Satisfactory aftersales service

    Low energy consumption and maintance costs

    All these features make the Ovoselect D101 a highly preferable choice for the small scaled egg producer.

Determine the cracked egg

D101 has a special lighting section on the roller conveyor in order to determine the damage or cracked eggs easily.

Egg Grading Analysis Results

D101 has 7″ graphical touch screen LCD display and visual elements. You can get the detailed results of the egg grading facility such as average egg  weights, percentages and the numbers of eggs. And these values can easily send to the computer with Ms.Excel.

Antibacterial egg rollers

D101’s egg rollers are mode from special anti bacterial material in order to provent bacterial contamination and allow the cleaning easliy.

High sensitive handling of eggs

Specially designed egg supports and carriers behaves very gently to the eggs.

Prints your company name and date on eggs

As an option egg printer with one head can install on the graderi so eggs can be graded and printed together once a time.

Functional egg collection table

D101 has a conveyor belt on the table to prevent eggs ere touching and breaking eachothers. There are two shelfs attached on the table in order to put empty tray and etc.on it.

Easily connect to the egg tranportation belt

D101 has speciak design to allow entering egg at all the three sides of the egg collection table. Eggs can transfered to the rollers without ant damage of the eggs by thank to the special sensor used in collection table.

D101 Layout and Dimensions


Technical Specifications :

Capacity   :10.000 eggs (28 cases) per hour
Weighing system  :Electronic with loadcell
Weighing accuracy :+/- 0,1 gr
Weight Classes  :5 grades of eggs ( XXL, XL, L, M, S)
Operation :Easy and visual operation with  7″ LCD touchscreen panel
Analysis : Statistical values of egg weights and numbers
Power consumption :0,60 kw with one-phase 220VAC
Weight  : Net/Gross  :450 kg./ 550 kg.

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    D101 Layout and Dimensions