OvoSelect D200 – 20.000 e/h. Electronic Egg Grader

The new Ovoselect D200 egg grader has a capacity of 20.0000 egg per hour and available inline directly from the production units. The eggs are transferred through six row egg rollers and is sorted into 6 different weight classes.

Ovoselect D200 differentiates itself by;

– Stainless steel construction

– High accurate electronic weighing system

– Low maintanence costs

– Sipmlicity in use

– Aftersale service 

– Upgradable to automatic packing lines

Egg Printer can be attached

By attaching an egg printer, eggs can be coded and graded at the same time.

Egg collection table

D200 has two manual egg collecting tables with selves for empty trays.

Link to production line

D200 inline feeding conveyor can recieve eggs from all three sides which makes easy to use in most places. The egg density of the feeding conveyor is controller wit a sensor to prevent egg jam and breaking..

Antibacterial cleanable egg rollers

The egg rollers are made of special food safe material which also provide the required softness and flexibility to handle the eggs.

Egg inspection

Broken and cracked eggs are easily identified in illuminated inspection section of the roller conveyor.


Technical Specifications :

Capacity: 20.000 eggs/hour
Weighing system : Loadcell technology
Weighing accuracy : 0,1 gram
Weight classes : 6 grades (Jumbo, XXL, XL, L, M, S)
Operation : Easy and visual operation with 10″LCD panel
Analysis : Average weight and egg counts
Power consumption: 2,3kW tri-phase 380VAC
Weight : Net/Gross : 875 kgs/ 1000 kgs

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    D200 Layout and Dimensions