OvoSelect DX600

Automated Egg Grading and Packing Station

OvoSelect DX600 is the brand new egg grading machine with high capacity.

Maksimum 6 pcs of automated packing machines can ve connected to the grader body. 

Ovoselect DX600 grades the eggs into maximum 7 different grades. In accordance to the customer’s needs, maximum 6 different grades can be packed automatically with the help of automated packing lanes.

When 5 pcs of automated packing machine included in the configuration, then maximum 2 different grade groups which have the least amount of eggs are sent to the manual packing table. 

System is designed to allow the user to select the printing machine with double printing head and high speed. With the help of printing machine installed, every egg graded is immediately printed in accordance to the grade and become ready to be shipped. 

Ovoselect DX600 uses speed and acceleration controlled egg carrier chain system which has egg carrier cars to carry the eggs gently. Double row egg chain carries the eggs through the tunnel to the exits. Specially designed egg carrier cars ensure the gentle transport of each egg since there is no holding or gripping force applied on the egg shell to cause any crack.

Ovoselect DX600  is designed as a stainless steel washable machine.

Easy to operate 15″ colored touch panel screen makes it very user friendly.

Ovoselect DX600 has 12 wide egg rollers. 

OvoSelect DX600  differentiates itself by;

– Stainless steel construction

– High accurate electronic weighing system

– Low maintanence costs

– Simplicity in use

– Aftersale service 

– Upgradable to automatic packing lines

– Modular design, removable parts

– Automated and manual packing lane alternatives. 

Printer Assembly

Suitable for 2 single-head printers.

Egg collection table

An optional number of (1-6) manual collection tables can be installed on the DX600’s output lines. At the tables, the eggs are transported to the operator with anti-bacterial modular tape. Empty viol shelf is available on manual collection tables.

Easily connected to the poultry egg line

The feeding belt of the DX600 is designed to allow the entry of eggs from three sides. Thanks to the density detection feature, the eggs are transferred without stacking and breaking.

Antibacterial Cleanable Reels

Egg transport reels used in Dx600 are made of anti-bacterial material. In this way, it is easy to clean as well as desired flexibility and durability.

Cracked Egg Control Zone

Thanks to the dark-lit dark room used in Dx600, cracked eggs in the egg conveyor can be easily selected.

Egg Transport Chain and Carrier Trolleys

The Dx600 features two rows of egg transport chains with speed and acceleration control. Thanks to the specially designed egg transport carts, even the most sensitive eggs are transported without breaking because they are not subjected to any holding-squeezing force.


Technical Specifications :

Capacity:60.000 egg per hour
Number of Infee Row: 12 row infeed
Weighing System:Loadcell Technology
Electronical Weighing0,1 gram
Number of Grades:6 or 7 different grades
Operation:Easy and visual operation with 15″LCD panel
Analysis:Number of eggs and Average weight
Power Consumption: 2,0 kW + (4×1,2 kW) = 6,8 kWh, 380VAC (with 4 pcs of Packer machine)
Weight: Net / Brut:3.080 kg./ 3.280 kg.

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