OvoSystem 210- 75.000 e/h. Egg Grading and Packing Station

The Ovosystem 210 is the brand new egg grading machine with high capacity.

The Ovosystem 210 is used to seperate the incoming egg flow in upto 4-5-6 different categories. When used together with an egg packer the unwanted weight classes are not packed into the egg trays.

The Ovosystem 210 is designed in a stainless steel washable construction. Its compact layout and easly dettachable shelves make it very easy to fit in any place. Easy to operate colored 7″ touch screen panel makes it very user friendly. 

The Ovosystem 210 is ideal for low and medium level poultry farms (shell egg producers) where this type of grading is sufficient.

Ovosystem 210 differentiates itself by;

Stainless steel construction

High accurate electronic weighing system

Low maintanence costs

Simplicity in use

Aftersale service 

Upgradable to automatic packing lines


Technical Specifications :

Capacity:75.000 eggs/hour
Egg feeding  :10 lines infeed
Weighing system :High Speed, High Accuracy Loadcell technology
Weighing accuracy :0,1 gram
Weight classes :4 – 5 – 6 grades
Operation :Easy and visual operation with 7″LCD panel
Analysis :Average weight and egg counts
Power consumption:3,50kW, 3 Phz, 380 Vac
Weight : Net/Gross :1900 kgs/ 2650 kgs